Biohazard Clean Up

24/7 Emergency Biohazard Cleanup in Phoenix & Tucson Arizona

RestorationHQ provides professional biohazard cleanup services in Phoenix & Tucson Arizona, specializing in the safe and effective removal of biohazards such as trauma, crime scene, and death cleanup. Our team of experts is trained to handle a wide range of biohazard situations, using the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 



Trust RestorationHQ to provide top-quality biohazard cleanup services that prioritize your safety and well-being.




Contact us ASAP if you have an emergency, as time is of the essence!

RestorationHQ is very sensitive to this and will always strive to get to your location within two hours, and that goes for all 365 days of the year.

The Biohazards That RestorationHQ Will Address For You:


Accidental death, homicide or wounds
Our crew conducts professional, thorough and complete crime scene cleaning—including contaminated item disposal. There are numerous laws at all levels (local, state, federal) detailing appropriate contaminate cleaning and disposal, and our team will work accordingly.



Decomposition and unattended death
Government agencies and organizations trust RestorationHQ to safely remove and properly dispose of all hazardous materials, including any lingering odors associated with decomposition. This also includes police vehicle decontamination. All team members are fully and professionally trained to be prompt and discreet and abide by all regulations.



Blood and body fluid
The RestorationHQ team is trained in compliance with OHSA and Federal Health and Safety Codes. We perform trauma clean up according to the Medical Waste Management Act, which applies directly to safe removal of blood and body fluids.



Vehicle Contaminates
RestorationHQ also decontaminates, cleans and sanitizes blood and other hazardous material residue from work or personal vehicles.

How to Choose your Trauma Clean Up Partner

With such a sensitive matter, and one with which many have little to no experience, there are many things we offer to help ease this situation.


RestorationHQ will not collect payment at the time of service. Our main concern is clearing the area of all contamination and restoring the affected area to its original condition. Thus, there are more important priorities on our minds than collecting a check.


We understand your situation and offer compassion and support while also providing you with a much-needed service. Not only will we take care of your affected area, we will also do so with kindness, patience and discretion.


We take on your liability. When you contact RestorationHQ to treat your trauma situation, you remove any liability from your own shoulders and place it onto ours immediately upon our arrival to the scene. Bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms can threaten the health of others, as well as a liability to you, if they are not properly addressed right away.



RestorationHQ will be your sole and only contact for the entire process. In addition to being certified in trauma clean up, we are a general contractor, which means we can help you with decontamination and restoration of your property. As on all projects, you will only have to deal with one company from start to finish. From the very first emergency call to the last repair, you will never have to research, shop for or call another company. All our services are completely confidential, especially during trying times such as these.


RestorationHQ will always respect your privacy and operate with discretion and the same will be expected from every subcontractor that may be involved in the process.

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