Are your parking structures safe from flooding?

Are your parking structures safe from flooding?

RestorationHQ Flooding Remediation

Arizona is experiencing record-breaking levels of rainfall from tropical depression Rosa. Roadways are flooding, businesses are experiencing water damage, and schools are closing due to the extreme weather. Underground parking structures are one of the areas most at risk for flooding, which can cause water damage to parked cars inside the garages as well as other damage, health and safety concerns.

Flooding, weather damage and other traumatic natural occurrences can be devastating to your property and very difficult to amend.

You want a swift, quick, in-depth team of professionals that arrives to your property and immediately gets to work. RestorationHQ will make this process easy and pain-free.

RestorationHQ will be on-site within two hours or less, ready to make the kind of quick thinking decisions that could save your property from total destruction.

We’re here when you need us most. Call our 24/7 help line at (480) 256-1453 (Phoenix), or (520) 771-8268 (Tucson).