Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Phoenix & Tucson Arizona

When water damage strikes in Tucson or Phoenix, RestorationHQ is here to help. Our Arizona-based team specializes in providing expert water damage restoration and cleanup services to customers in these cities affected by water or flood damage. Our comprehensive and systematic approach to water damage remediation ensures that your property is restored to its pre-damage condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


With our skilled and experienced team, you can trust RestorationHQ to provide top-quality water damage mitigation services.




Contact us ASAP if you have an emergency, as time is of the essence!

Site Visit


One of the very first things we will do in the event of water damage is conduct a site visit to assess the severity of the damage. This ensures our team is fully prepared to restore your property in its entirety. Oftentimes, moisture can become trapped in areas that can’t be seen or felt. This requires the proper resources and tools to appropriately repair.

Damage Assessment


During our site visit, our team will bring all of the necessary equipment (including thermal imaging cameras, and penetrating and non-penetrating moisture meters) to accurately detect any trapped moisture. During our assessment, our highly skilled team will identify all areas of saturation and document that assessment.

Water Removal


Following the assessment, the next step toward your restoration would be to remove any and all standing water. How do we do this? We use commercial grade extraction units. Our trucks come equipped with truck-mounted and portable units to allow us to use the equipment best suited for your situation.



Once the areas of saturation have been identified and the standing water removed, we will dry those areas immediately. Quickly deter mold growth and structural damage. To dry your structure, our technicians use the appropriate arrangement of thermal energy drying systems, wall cavity injection equipment and commercial drying fans. This allows us to remove all access moisture from your building.



For every type of service we provide, you receive very detailed documentation of every step of work performed at your property, including digital photographs, thermal images, closure testing results and a “methodologies used” summary to prove that the work successfully fixed your damage.



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