Biohazard (Trauma) FAQs

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Trauma FAQs

1. Can contaminated structural material be disinfected?

Yes, some materials can be cleaned and disinfected. However, any porous material (i.e. drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, office chairs, etc.) must be disposed of at a licensed biohazard facility.

2. Does RestorationHQ provide any documentation that proves my property has been properly disinfected?

Yes, we do. As with all of our services, RestorationHQ will provide you with documentation that shows that your property has been properly treated. To ensure the safety of your property, we bring in a third party, Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), to test our work area upon completion of the project. Once the process is finished, we draw up the proper documentation that shows the closure testing results proving proper disinfection and allowing for re-occupancy of the area.

3. What is considered “trauma”?

Trauma scenes can involve any situation where human bodily fluid is released, such as injury, death, loss of bowels, vomiting, etc. These are considered “trauma” because each of these incidents compromise the safety of other property occupants. All trauma scenes require proper clean up and disinfection because they are potential causes of bacteria growth, can potentially spread viruses and potentially cause dozens of other health hazards.

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